The Project Management Methodology used by DTSL provides the entire suite of project management techniques needed to deliver a project on time, within budget and to specification.

While the description below describes how we undertake every activity within the Project Lifecycle, it is also entirely flexible as we are very conscious of the need to be adaptable and responsive in this ever-changing and evolving world we live in. 

Phase 1 – Project Initiation

  • Undertake a Needs Analysis of what is required
  • Liaison with relevant Stakeholders
  • Agree Timeframe and Targets
  • Agree Evaluation and Monitoring Arrangements

Phase 2 – Project Planning

  • Finalise Project Plan
  • Finalise Resource Plan
  • Finalise Financial Plan
  • Prepare Communications Plan
  • Prepare Procurement Plan

Phase 3 – Project Execution

  • Design & delivery of agreed metrics
  • Maintain effective communication with Stakeholders
  • Report on on-going project performance

Phase 4 – Project Closure

  • Final Project Closure Report

Projects to date include:

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

This is a government funded and industry-led project – the largest in the Skillnet Ireland family of over 70 networks.  Working under the aegis of Technology Ireland in Ibec, DTSL has responsibility for the overall management of this project.  A turnkey service from implementation to completion each year. 

Overall Dimensions of the Project

  • Promote the network and its offering in order to: attract new members and previously active members.
  • Engage with members on an ongoing basis to diagnose current and future business and learning requirements.
  • Plan, procure, co-ordinate, quality assure and evaluate training delivered by the network.
  • Co-ordinate and/or engage in training programme development, design and customisation.
  • Deliver contracted targets while adhering to the overall aims and objectives of ICT Skillnet.
  • Arrange networking events and other informal learning activities that strengthen member company relationships.
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders including member companies, steering group members, providers, awarding bodies and Skillnet Ireland, as well as additional sectoral or regional stakeholders.
  • Ensure robust financial management of the network, including activities associated with budgeting, forecasting, collecting match funds, cash flow, procurement and authorisation of expenditure.
  • Manage financial/operational risk to protect the reputation of the ICT Skillnet, Ibec and Skillnet Ireland.
  • Oversee and/or engage in administrative tasks, including records management, data collection and entry.
  • Participate in Skillnet Ireland Development Programmes for network managers.
  • Support the implementation of enabling plans associated with Skillnet Ireland Statement of Strategy.
  • Conduct all network duties in accordance with Skillnet Ireland Funding Agreement and Operating Guidelines, and engage with the network’s dedicated Programme Support Manager.

In summary the involvement of DTSL covers:

  • Strategic Development
  • Maintaining the Networks’ effectiveness within industry
  • Overseeing all Financial and Operational objectives
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Management of Stakeholders

Future in Tech

Over a three year period, this programme will help over 1,200 non-technical jobseekers to rapidly and easily develop new digital skills and access new job opportunities within the tech sector.

In summary our involvement covers:

  • Creation of promotional campaigns
  • Initial screening of candidates
  • Management and co-ordination of formal offer process with candidates
  • Liaison with the college training provider on the content for each technical programme
  • Organisation of industry mentors to support candidates with a work-based project in place of an in-company work placement
  • Co-ordination with candidates to facilitate bespoke career support services
  • Progress reporting on a regular basis to the contracting entity

Blockchain Ireland

Blockchain Ireland is a combined effort of government, state agencies and industry to help promote and share information on Blockchain in Ireland. It is a non-profit, member-led organisation that includes corporates, academics and industry professionals. The group meets on a monthly basis to share insights and expertise on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Ireland has established a number of working groups to conduct research within key fields: Developers, Skills Education and Innovation, Enterprise and FDI, Legal & Regulatory and Startups & VC.

In summary our involvement covers:

Providing a concierge and managed service to the Blockchain Ireland cluster as it develops the national and international ecosystems to position Ireland as a centre of Blockchain excellence.

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