Bridging the cybersecurity skills gaps in Europe.

About the project

The CyberHubs project aims to enhance the cybersecurity skills ecosystem in Europe by establishing a network of 7 Cybersecurity Skills Hubs in Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Spain, which will promote the development of digital skills in cybersecurity and support the development of a skilled cybersecurity workforce. The project is coordinated by DIGITAL EUROPE and consists of 21 full partners and 3 associated partners covering 12 European Member States.

Project Objectives

  • conducting comprehensive cybersecurity skills mismatches analysis by mapping existing cybersecurity education and training offers across EU Member States
  • developing a national cybersecurity skills strategy in each partner country
  • organising a European Cybersecurity Hackathon to foster innovation
  • establishing twinnings between Cybersecurity Skills Hubs
  • promoting collaboration between education and industry sectors

The project target groups include industry players, learning providers, youth, students, NEETs (Not in Employment or Education and Training), professionals, policymakers, public organisations, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), CSOs (Civil Society Organisations), and other social partners who will get access to a variety of cybersecurity resources raising awareness and building their capacity, as well as learning and job opportunities.