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We’re Ireland’s go-to digital skills and innovation partner. We collaborate with industry thought leaders and academic specialists to provide practical, applied skills designed to bridge skills gaps, accelerate competitiveness and foster innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.

We operate and manage Ireland’s largest Skillnet Network – the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet. Over the past decade, Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet has helped 5,000+ organisations and 12,000+ technologists to build the critical skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic technology landscape.

Our purpose is to advance Ireland’s technology workforce, by building critical technology skills needed for the future of work. Collaborating with industry, we develop training courses that bridge skills gaps and future-proof companies and individuals for their next phase of growth.

  • Strategic Thought Leaders: We work at the intersection of industry and academia, providing strategic insights and applied skills that shape the future and accelerate competitiveness.
  • Project Management Capabilities: Our proprietary project management methodology ensures all projects are delivered on time, and within budget. We recognise the importance of adaptability, and our methodology is designed to be as flexible and responsive as it is effective.

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

This project is financed through government funds and spearheaded by leading industry experts of companies in Ireland. Operating under the aegis of Technology Ireland within Ibec we have responsibility for the overall management of this multi-million euro project. We provide an end-to-end turnkey service, overseeing every phase from inception to successful completion on an annual basis.

Future in Tech

Since 2020 we have had the privilege of managing this project which has dramatically transformed the career trajectories of over 1,200 jobseekers. By empowering them with cutting-edge digital skills, unprecedented access to job opportunities within the tech sector have been unlocked. This initiative not only catalyses individual career advancement but also contributes significantly to bridging the digital skills gap in the industry.

Open Ireland Network

We are delighted to support the Open Ireland Network – a community of individuals and organisations involved in the open ecosystem in Ireland which encompasses open source software, InnerSource, open source hardware, open data, open science, and open innovation. The network includes representatives from industry, public sector, academia and those who are personally involved in the open ecosystem.

Blockchain Ireland

We provided bespoke concierge services to Blockchain Ireland up to 2023. It has now been incorporated as Blockchain Ireland CLG and continues to maintain a focus on the promotion of Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 in Ireland. It is a non-profit, member-led organisation that includes corporates, academics and industry professionals.

Ericsson Masters

This project is centred around a pioneering programme equipping students with industry-specific software engineering skills. It was designed and developed by Ericsson and is delivered through Technological University Shannon. Operating under the aegis of Technology Ireland within Ibec, we have overall responsibility for the management of this programme, providing an end-to-end turnkey service on an annual basis.

Innovation Forum

We manage the Innovation Forum, which was initially setup in 2010 with a remit to foster innovative collaboration. It is a group of CSuite individuals from a cross section of industry, academia and state agencies who together are pushing the boundaries of innovation.