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Skills for the green and digital transition.

About the Project

Digital4Sustainability will focus on fast-tracking the Digital & Green Transition within the ICT sector and throughout European Industry, helping companies to adopt advanced digital technologies to achieve their sustainability goals.

The project’s goal is to design a new Digital Sustainability Skills Strategy and an innovative Training Programme that will provide companies with the advanced digital and green skills they need to build concrete ESG initiatives that deliver real results.

Project Mission

At the heart of Digital4Sustainability lies the ambition to address the urgent and emerging skills needs of industry in the key areas of Digital & Green. We are committed to developing a new Skills Strategy and VET/HE Learning Programmes tailored to train a new breed of Digital Sustainability Professionals. Through partnerships with VET providers and Higher Education Institutions, we will facilitate the re/upskilling of the existing ICT and Industry workforce, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.