eDIGIREGION: Realising The Digital Agenda Through Transnational Cooperation Between Regions

eDIGIREGION project logo

eDIGIREGION, a unique collaborative project that brings together four high-potential research-driven clusters in diverse European regions (South East Ireland, Central Hungary, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain and Bucharest-Ilfov, Romania).

The aim of eDIGIREGION was to use the triple helix partnership to plan, design and implement an ecosystem of research, innovation, creativity, and commercialisation that supports the implementation of the EU Digital Agenda in each region.

An immensely successful project which resulting in the authoring of three books on best practices for developing inter and intra-regional joint action plans, regional innovation ecosystems and the benchmarking of those ecosystems.

Through its activities, eDIGIREGION is supporting the development of high-potential research-driven clusters, thus directly contributing to the key strategic European goal of enhanced competitiveness and the sustainable economic growth of Europe’s regions.