Ericsson Masters in Applied Software Engineering

The Ericsson MSc in Applied Software Engineering, initiated in 2010, is a pioneering programme designed to equip students with industry-specific software engineering skills, tailored for immediate deployment at the Ericsson software campus in Athlone.

The curriculum, delivered by Technological University Shannon (TUS) in collaboration with Ericsson, encompasses specialized training in Ericsson’s proprietary tools and technologies. Graduates who successfully complete the programme are rewarded with full-time Software Engineer positions at Ericsson, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to industry.

Remarkably, the programme is entirely cost-free for participants, thanks to funding from Ericsson and Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet. Moreover, Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet plays a crucial role in managing the entire recruitment process, from handling applications and queries to conducting aptitude testing and communication with candidates. They also serve as the vital link among Ericsson, TUS, and the students, thereby facilitating a holistic and integrated educational experience.