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Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is a government funded and industry-led project – the largest in the Skillnet Ireland family of over 70 networks. 

Working under the aegis of Technology Ireland in Ibec, Digital Technology Skills have responsibility for the overall management of the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet project. A turnkey service, from implementation to completion each year. 

At the core of the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet portfolio is the unique access to industry-led programmes and domain expertise for the development of the technology skills and competencies to help deliver impactful and tangible benefits for organisations. Today, the rapid changes in technology, the new business models and the move towards digital transformation, can be daunting for any organisation. By constantly horizon scanning and creating innovative programmes for industry which reflect this ever-changing landscape, Technology ireland ICT Skillnet assists companies in adding new assets to their balance sheet namely “Skills, Competencies and Human Capital”.

In summary the involvement of Digital Technology Skills covers:

  • Strategic Development
  • Maintaining the Networks’ effectiveness within industry
  • Overseeing all Financial and Operational objectives
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Management of Stakeholders

Pact for Skills Analysing of upand reskilling policy initiatives and identifying best practices

European Commission Pack for Skills: Analysing of up- and reskilling policy initiatives and identifying best practices

The European Commission conducted research to analyse up- and reskilling policy initiatives globally and to identify best practices in order to draw key lessons learned and propose recommendations for policy decision makers and stakeholders on developing and implementing efficient up- and reskilling initiatives in the future.

The Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet project, as part of the wider Skillnet Ireland initiative, was recognised across multiple categories, as well as being acknowledged as a ‘best of the best’ initiative leading on the industry engagement component, aiming to ensure Ireland is a world leader in fields such as data science.

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