Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet

This is a government funded and industry-led project – the largest in the Skillnet Ireland family of over 70 networks.  Working under the aegis of Technology Ireland in Ibec, DTSL has responsibility for the overall management of this project.  A turnkey service from implementation to completion each year. 

Overall Dimensions of the Project

  • Promote the network and its offering in order to: attract new members and previously active members.
  • Engage with members on an ongoing basis to diagnose current and future business and learning requirements.
  • Plan, procure, co-ordinate, quality assure and evaluate training delivered by the network.
  • Co-ordinate and/or engage in training programme development, design and customisation.
  • Deliver contracted targets while adhering to the overall aims and objectives of ICT Skillnet.
  • Arrange networking events and other informal learning activities that strengthen member company relationships.
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders including member companies, steering group members, providers, awarding bodies and Skillnet Ireland, as well as additional sectoral or regional stakeholders.
  • Ensure robust financial management of the network, including activities associated with budgeting, forecasting, collecting match funds, cash flow, procurement and authorisation of expenditure.
  • Manage financial/operational risk to protect the reputation of the ICT Skillnet, Ibec and Skillnet Ireland.
  • Oversee and/or engage in administrative tasks, including records management, data collection and entry.
  • Participate in Skillnet Ireland Development Programmes for network managers.
  • Support the implementation of enabling plans associated with Skillnet Ireland Statement of Strategy.
  • Conduct all network duties in accordance with Skillnet Ireland Funding Agreement and Operating Guidelines, and engage with the network’s dedicated Programme Support Manager.

In summary the involvement of DTSL covers:

  • Strategic Development
  • Maintaining the Networks’ effectiveness within industry
  • Overseeing all Financial and Operational objectives
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Management of Stakeholders